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Salty hair and sun kissed skin. Sandy toes and sherbet sunsets. Living in a beach community can feel like you’re on vacation every day. One of my favorite parts about living in a tourist town is getting to play the part. Let’s be honest- the idyllic lifestyle is easy and the whole idea is to keep it simple. No shirt. No shoes. No worries.

Earlier this spring I discovered Sea Spray by French Girl while shopping at Rainbow Bridge in my husbands home town, Ojai, California. A sea salt spray for your hair with rose and ylang. Anxious for the start of summer but still chilly for the ocean- Sea Spray was my hair savior.

Weather can be warm in Ojai and is known for it’s sunny climate so I was excited to try Sea Spray for the weekend. Naturally, I started planning my outfits around my beachy hairstyle in an attempt to influence the season in my favor. A simple solution for effortless hair, it made getting ready a breeze after swimming in the river everyday that weekend. Realizing I didn’t need to be close to the ocean to feel like I had just come back from the beach, I was hooked. Made with Rose and Ylang Ylang for a feminine floral fragrance. It’s simple and it works, win-win.

French Girl’s Sea Spray gives you the just of the beach look any time of year. Use Sea Spray after rinsing or shampooing to keep your Beach Hair look with clean locks. I like to towel dry, apply Sea Spray to wet hair, scrunch away and let it air dry. Available in 2 sizes, 8oz and 2oz, you can have beach trusses while traveling.

Leaving Ojai in the morning, headed south for San Diego and decided to take the coast through Malibu- with the window down and wind in my hair.

Plus, I love their motto- Organic, Vegan & Cruelty-free. Sans Chemicals, Only Botanicals. Tested on French girls, never on animals.

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