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Hollywood is the heart of Los Angeles and I love to play tourist anytime I get a chance. As luck would have it, a project called me to the city and the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I enjoyed a 2-night stay at this classic and classy establishment and took advantage of all it had to offer in between meetings and photoshoots. As a member of iPrefer, I was able to get an early check in and get settled in a cabana room.

The introvert in me wanted to order room service and crack into the well appointed mini bar.

The extrovert prevailed and I killed an hour poolside catching up on e-mails with a glass of chilled Rose and the Chicken Paillard. I couldn’t resist a quick dip after the drive from San Diego and evening of meetings ahead. Taking a few moments for myself to float in the pool- a designated Historical Cultural Monument in its own right- in front of the Tropicana Bar, with Norma Jeane’s suite above was a serene moment to say the least. It can be hard to find balance while traveling- especially on work trips. Remember to find the time to relax and reconnect with your intention for that day. To my pleasure, I found another serene moment while getting ready with the Davines products in the bathrooms- their Momo line of soaps and shampoos are fresh and luxurious. I just love being pleasantly surprised! An early check in, wine with lunch, a splash in the pool and relaxing shower left me well balanced and ready for meetings.

Two nights at The Roosevelt means two glorious, quiet mornings of complimentary coffee by the pool. I had a busy day ahead and planned a quick workout with a friend at nearby Runyon Canyon- where the workout was almost as good as the people watching. In and out valet privileges made it easy to come and go so I could quickly shower before work.

After a long day on my feet I could only think of one thing: the perfect burger from The Hollywood Roosevelt’s own 25 Degrees. The restaurant is open 24/7, I was guaranteed a much needed meal, glass of red wine and good night sleep.

The next morning I had coffee by the pool again and a good sweat in the well equipped gym on premises. On the way back to the room, as the sun began to fill the courtyard with light, I found the pool surprisingly empty. I ran back to my room (literally like a small child) to rinse off and throw on my bathing suit- still wet from the afternoon prior. One more splash in the pool was required. A few rounds of laps in the empty pool and other people soon followed. Try bringing a pair of goggles and a bathing suit to stay active while traveling- they are great for packing light!

Instead of leaving right away I decided to wait out traffic and enjoy a few luxurious hours with a long shower, room service and photo editing in my robe from bed. One call and I was able to secure a late check out- thanks to iPrefer– along with room service, a bellman and valet to get me on my way efficiently once I was ready. Always make sure to make change the night before check out to tip maids, bellmen, valets and anyone who takes the time to enhance your experience. Most of the time they can help you at the front desk. 

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