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Podcasts, NPR, music. Can’t live without it. Can’t WORK without it. I wake up every morning, excited to learn more and share. Much of my day is spent in the home office, connected to the Bose bluetooth speaker, providing all day entertainment for the workday. The thing I love about the Mini Soundlink II Speaker is ease of portability with great sound and bass. I can grab the speaker and bring it to the kitchen while I whip up a snack, bring it outside while I tend to the garden or bring it in the wash room for when it’s time to get ready. Without missing a beat, without pausing, it goes where I go. Compact and light, this tiny speaker is great for life on-the-go. I’ve brought it on vacation, on work trips and down to the beach at sunset.

I can’t write this review without a shout out to a few of their other products our family loves. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are my go-to for workouts and travel. I love being able to wear them around my neck in the middle of a walk or run. Sometimes I prefer the sounds of nature to listening to something.

A true testament to Bose products, my husband has had the Wave Speaker since before we met (making it over 15 years old). In this before podcasts, the speaker filled our house with music nightly and news radio every morning. After adding to our Bose home collection, the wave speaker made the move to my husbands office where he still uses it everyday. He’s a true NPR addict.

The next investment I’ll make is toward over the ear, Noise Cancelling Headphones for travel. I’ve always been an earbud girl but recently Clint convinced me over the ear is the way to go when traveling. For a girl who always chooses black, I love them in white!




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