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Our trip started early. Arriving at the Cross Border Express, on the U.S. side of the Tijuana Airport, around 4am. From the plane I watched the sun rise over the cactus and low shrubs of the isolated Baja desert. Morning light shone brightly while I sipped coffee, dozing and daydreaming of adventures to come. We were 7 women set out to get lost and find ourselves over a long weekend under the Mexico moon.

We spent the first day at Flora Farms, setting the pace for the days to come. After brunch we drove 45 minutes up the Pacific coast to Todos Santos, arriving to the private entrance of Pachamama just before sunset. A circle of permanent teepees and palm trees welcomed us as we made our way up the driveway. Changing in to our bathing suits, we settled in quickly and met back by the pool. Cooling off in the warm water of the shallow swim step we watch the sun slip below the horizon and with a round of fresh margaritas in hand. We had arrived.

That evening we enjoyed dinner next to the garden, prepared by private chef. Seated under the stars, the energy was palpable in the humid night air. Each and every one of us knew our good fortune to find ourselves in such surroundings. We all made our way to bed that night, and each night, not just with a full belly but with a full heart.

Enjoy the mornings at Pachamama. Go for a long walk on the beach. Practice yoga in their light filled studio or rooftop deck. Enjoy coffee and fresh fruit poolside. Read a book or journal from your own hammock. We all took the mornings to ourselves– eventually coming together in the kitchen or by the pool to make plans for the day.

The town of Todos Santos is a bustling tourist town. Don’t miss having a margaritas at the Hotel California bar and walk the town for authentic treasures. There are numerous culinary experiences throughout– from roadside taco stands to fine dining. Visit La Copa Cocina inside the Todos Santos Inn for wonderful service and a true culinary experience. Maker sure to stop by the bar for a drink before you head down to dine. The town is mostly shut down on Sunday– plan your visit when shops and restaurants are open for the full experience.

While in Todos Santos, think about taking a day trip to Cabo, La paz or the Sea of Cortez. Stop by Cafe la Esquina for coffee, refreshments, snacks and sandwiches before your journey. The turquoise waters, cactus lined roads and and pleasant people you experience along the way will make your trip unforgettable. After a long day of sightseeing, arrange for dinner upon return to Pachamama, complete with drinks and dessert around the fire pit

Pachamama is the perfect location for a girls trip, yoga retreat or romantic getaway. The variety of amenities include infinity pool, full-service spa, yoga studio, gardens, communal kitchen, temezcal, and concierge services to arrange transportation, activities and meals. Enjoy the culture and community of Baja California Sur. Shop for local treasures, feast on authentic fare and feel the fire return to your belly with every shot of mezcal.

Pachamama is a place to reconnect with intentions, nature, each other and yourself.A space for solitude and sanctuary. Peace and presence. Find inspiration. You’ll leave better than you came.



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