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As a professional photographer, I thought it was a bold choice for my husband to give me a new camera for my birthday. An old camera, sure. So, when I opened the Olympus Tough Camera on the morning of my birthday, I knew it must be something special. 

I spent most of the morning exploring the new medium and operating system. It was user friendly with great results. The fact that it was compact, waterproof and shockproof meant it was perfect for the day’s adventure. As a tradition we always walk to the beach on Birthday mornings. I take a photo in a tree at the end of our block every year. We explored the beach, switching between landscape and macro mode. I particularly fell in love with the macro function, it captures great detail amazingly close up- both above and below the water.

The Olympus Tough Camera is great for families. The camera is small, simple and durable- making it easy for everyone in the family to achieve desired results. And most important- capturing all the memories. Using the camera to capture video is smooth and simple. I’ve used it underwater so much, it is my go-to for creating point and shoot content underwater. From the river in Ojai to the surf on Oahu, the Olympus camera has proven itself to be easy and reliable. This camera offers a ton of accessories for the novice and pro alike. Opt for adding a few items to enhance the experience and your images. I love to use it for travel, it fits easily in my purse or a backpack. 

Drumroll please. I’ve saved the best for last. The Olympus Tough Camera is wifi enabled to allow you to shoot, download and share photos between your phone and the camera. Controlling the camera through your phone means you get the shot every time. No more guessing on framing or running back and forth to se the timer. Game changer. Thanks to my husband!

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