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Spring hasn’t officially begun but the signs of the changing season have been sprouting up for weeks. With the garden abundant in aromatic herbs like Rosemary, Lavender, and Sage, what better than to make a few smudges to use and share! I burn these herb smudges while meditating or to cleanse a room to promote new energy for changing season and situations. Not to mention, just because it smells amazing. Smudge are typically made from plants like sage or cedar and prominent in Native American culture and traditions. I like to enjoy cedar-based smudges in the fall and winter and sage-based smudges in the spring and summer. They can be great to take camping, use on a chilly night, give as a holiday or hostess gift or cleanse a space.

These lovely aromatic Spring Smudges were created with bundled spring blooms from the overgrown garden. I planted each of these plants a few months apart around 2 years ago, with exception to the rosemary bushes which we planted when we moved in. Walter Anderson Nursery is our go to local garden center for herbs, edibles and native plants. They are always well stocked with seasonal favorites and are helpful in every aspect of landscaping and gardening. I also really love their e-mail newsletter! We let the plants fill in for a few years but now they are beginning to overtake the walkway. The roses came from one of my favorite local flower sources– Wholesale Flower Market. A true gem, I bought all my cut wedding flowers here. Most of these plants you can purchase at your local flower market, they will be abundant throughout spring. Here’s all the essentials and some tips to make your own:

[Please source ethically and responsibly]

  • Sage 
  • Roses
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • String or twine
  • Shells, Beads or Charms (optional)

You can use a single type or mixture of plants. I used cooking string for these smudges but you can use hemp or other safe to burn string. No plastic, synthetic or treated string.

Decide on the desired size and begin to divide the herbs evenly into their final combinations. It is best if they are an even width, so arrange the plants into condensed bundles. It can be hard to keep everything together when you’re tying and wrapping, so do your best to arrange them neatly. Squeeze them together slightly to release their essential oils and help bind them. To avoid molding, avoid wrapping a thick, large bundle of fresh plants and wrapping too tightly. Start at one end, tie a knot and begin wrapping in the style of your choice. I like to add a knot in the middle to have the choice to burn only half the smudge without the string unraveling.

Once you’ve wrapped the whole smudge, finish the open end with a tight, close wrap. Tie a knot and leave a tail of sting to add shells or beads if you choose. Snip and trim any parts of the plant that escaped the string.

You can begin giving or enjoying these smudges right away. Place the fresh spring smudge on your bedside, in your car or any place you might enjoy a little aromatherapy. Allow the smudge to dry out completely before burning them– this time varies depending on the season and storage. I like to use a large Abalone shell as a safe place to burn my favorite smudge.

I put my spring smudge on my desk right next to my work zone and enjoyed a Beaming Cinnamon Almond Milk right before sunset and finishing up work for the day. (hooray for late sunsets and daylight savings time) Whatever your reason for making these spring smudges, I hope you enjoy the experience and and have lovely little bundles the give or enjoy!

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