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I was late to the Acai party. This antioxidant rich berry native to the Amazon has been a breakfast favorite in Southern California for decades. I’m not sure what took me so long to try Acai but it has become a morning favorite. There’s nothing better than a fresh Acai bowl on a weekend morning. Sleeping in, soaking in the sunshine, sipping coffee and enjoying fresh blended fruit complete with local seasonal fruit, nuts, sees, granola and honey.

I tried my first Acai bowl late one morning before the long drive to Las Vegas from San Diego. Trying to enjoy as much clean eating as possible before a weekend that would surly lead to some indulgent choices. Amazed by how satisfying it was, I spent the first half of the drive in the back seat, on my phone, learning all about Acai. I was hooked- albeit quite a few years late.

After making my way through every Acai option possible, I’m pleased to bring you my reviews and recipes for some of the best Acai available!


Beaming! Unsweetened acai, granola, honey, fruit; plus it includes their superfood protein. You already know how much I love their granola. I usually opt to switch the honey for bee pollen. Ok, ok and coconut and cinnamon. Many popular recipes, including their Acai Bowl are featured on the Beaming website. Beaming has locations throughout Southern California including Terminal 1 at the LAX airport! The perfect place to enjoy a green juice and vitality power shot. 


Sambazon! Hands down my favorite way to get my Acai on. Sambazon makes a variety of Acai products like juices, sorbet and packs. My tried and true pick for the Best Ever Acai Bowl are the Sambazon Acai Berry Superfriut Packs (Pure Unsweetened). I’ve found them to provide the best taste, ease of use and consistency.  The great thing about this meal is it can be made with whatever you have on hand. For the bowl in this post I chose to use frozen fruit I had put in the freezer before they went south, juice from 2 apples and whatever looked good from my pantry. Get creative- add nuts, seeds, fruit, granola, bee pollen, honey, cinnamon, coconut, etc. Sambazon proudly provides sustainable, organic, GMO free Acai berries. Learn more about their efforts to keep Acai sustainable and productive in the Amazon here.

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