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I take soap seriously.  Not just feeling clean but being clean is a must. Over the years, I’ve struggled with finding the right soap for me and my skin type. For a long time I joined my husband in his love for Dove soap. Dove is mild, lightly scented and leaves skin happy and hydrated. Still, there was something missing. I wanted something more natural, Dr. Bronner’s seemed like the logical choice- I bought the big bottle. After about a week I could tell this wasn’t the soap for me. I mentioned this to my mom one day and she immediately told me to look into the pH balance of the soap. Nope. Not for me- with a pH balance of 8.9, I’d have to pass on Dr. Bronner’s. I used Redkin pH balanced soap growing up and it’s a great option but I sought a more feminine scent. Back to the drawing board. I experimented with soap samples, friends and family favorites and still nothing spoke to me. I know, I know- it’s only soap. It wasn’t an epic quest- just a journey to find something I LOVED. It was possible- it was out there somewhere. I finally found the perfect wash in a place I least expected…

While visiting my parents on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, I spent an afternoon shopping in downtown Winslow. While browsing in the amazing Eagle Harbor Books I came across Wavertree & London Soaps from Australia. I explored every scent and landed on Goatmilk. This natural plant oil soap is French triple milled and enriched with pure Shea butter. The scent is clean, unique and truly intoxicating.

I was hooked by the scent, the fact it was natural. The true test was using the product, my fist shower left me feeling phenomenal. After a month I knew I’d found something special. Sadly, Waivertree & London does not currently ship to the States- so stock up on Amazon! They also produce scented candles and diffusers which I haven’t had a chance to try yet. As I write this it is over a year later and I still absolutely love everything about this product. The scent, the lather, the way it makes me feel. Clean, calm, content- feminine.

By the way, I got theses great woven grass runners for my wedding at Pier One. I use them all the time, for decor in my home, photo shoots, events and I’ve even taken them camping. They are a lightweight, low cost  solution to dressing up almost any locale. I hope you love this beautiful soap made in Australia as much as I do. My favorite way to end a busy day is to lather up in a hot shower and relax with the soothing scent. It is one of my favorite ways to add a little Luxe to my everyday life.

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