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The home office in our little beachside flat hasn’t been the same the last few weeks. Ever since I brought home a new addition to our work space, everyday tasks seem more enjoyable. Scent can evoke memories, remind you to center and even motivate in some cases. The Apricot & Rose Botanica Glass Candle by Rosy Rings has stoked my creative flame and graced my home with a delicate perfume. Even now as I write, it flickers away, filling my home with the sweet notes of Spring and Summer.

The aroma dances softly in the air, an intoxicating fragrance that brings a smile across my lips. It’s a romantic bouquet of blossoming flower and ripe fruit. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Mini meditation. Visitors to the office have noticed too. My husband and my best friend- who both commented on the pleasant scent despite the candle not being lit. It is something I look forward to every day, helping me fan the flames of success and satisfaction.

This candle by Rosy Rings will be a great gift- I have a few birthdays and a housewarming in the near future. Enchanting in the Spring and Summer, I can only imagine how lovely is smells far from the warm months and into Fall and Winter.  You’ll be sure to see it in our Holiday Gift Guide coming out in November.

A little reminder that sometimes the most simple of luxuries can bring us the most joy. The reality is we can’t be on vacation every day, defining boundaries and finding balance can be difficult, making self care a priority is hard in practice. Taking time for yourself and indulging in the experiences that help you replenish, everyday are essential. Mornings at the desk with a cup of coffee and this flickering candle it can be heaven on earth.

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