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Investing in sustainable solutions is investing in your future. I absolutely love to discover and share new products, and this is no exception. Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable food storage option with a small footprint. Breathable. Easy to clean. Natural and sustainable. What more could you want? The fact that you’re supporting a small business in the USA doesn’t hurt.

Bee’s Wrap is cotton cloth coated in bee wax. The special blend of jojoba oil, wax and tree resin leave the cloth mailable with your touch. The heat from your hands helps the wax coated cloth maintain it’s form, making it perfect for food storage. Bee’s wrap is safe to wash, reuse and even compost.

Use Bee’s Wrap at home to help keep food waste down. A small sheet is perfect to wrap up half an avocado for later. A large sheet, great top cover a bowl and refrigerate. Select them on the go for lunches, camping and potlucks. I’ll be investing in a few Bread and Baguette wraps next! I can’t wait to share Bee’s Wrap with my friends and family as a gift for the holidays. You’ll be sure to find them featured in ou r Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies this year!

Find Bee’s Wrap on their website or in your Natural Foods Market. You can also purchase them from Patagonia Provisions– both on their website and in Patagonia stores.

Make the switch, reduce your plastic footprint. It’s easy. You’ll wonder what took you so long. So-long plastic storage bags. Goodbye tupperware hustle. Namaste.

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