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Set yourself up for success with Everyday Essentials that will help you stay on track physically, mentally and emotionally. When you discover life’s little secrets that make your life easier and more enjoyable- hang on to them! Better yet- share them with friends. That’s why we’re bringing you a tried and true product we use every day and couldn’t go without: Beaming Mini Purse Pack Essentials. Today while enjoying a working lunch at my favorite meal/meeting/movie location, The LOT,  I instinctually reached for my Himalayan Sea Salt and realized how much this simple product helps to keep me on track. I sprinkled a little on my hard-boiled egg and could feel a slight smile cross my face. I felt at ease knowing I was nourishing my body and my soul. It was a small win- but ultimately small wins amount to achieving your larger life goals.

A protein packed special order: Grilled Chicken, Avocado & Hard-boiled Egg from The LOT La Jolla

The Beaming Purse Pack Essentials fit easily in my Tory Burch laptop purse. Not only fashionable but seriously functional. A mobile office that totes my 15″ Macbook Pro and all the essentials needed on any given day. Little did I know when I bought the Beaming Mini Purse Pack Essentials on a whim that I would use them every day and they would help me to stay on track with healthy living. It is now a purse staple- hands down.

The 3 part pack includes:

  1. Organic Coconut Nectar- The perfect sugar, low glycemic balances blood sugar
  2. Fleur de Sea Salt- The good for you salt, essential trace minerals for optimal wellness
  3. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt- 80+ trace minerals, Iodine rich, low in sodium, hormone balancing

This purse essential is available both in store at all Beaming locations or online via their website. It can save your life at an airport coffee shop and help you achieve your diet goals. Pick up a pack today- you’ll thank yourself later!

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